Hi, I'm Corrine.

As a self-proclaimed homebody, I know how important it is to love your home and enjoy the space you spend the most time in.

At Frederick Home Finds, I curate home decor and furniture that is both playful and luxurious. I believe in mixing vintage pieces with retail items to create a space that fits your lifestyle. I also enjoy helping other businesses grow and market themselves authentically on social media. I know digital marketing and content creation can be daunting, but I’ve found ways to truly enjoy it!

I’m a big fan of: letting dogs on furniture, ice cream, and not taking things too seriously.

I am so happy you’re here!

Corrine Counts

  • Playful and Comfortable Luxury

    For me, playful home decor doesn't mean sacrificing on style or comfort. I have fun with color and shapes, while maintaining a curated space with vintage pieces.

  • Mixing Vintage With Retail

    I believe the most stylish and harmonious spaces are created using a mix of both vintage pieces and retail items. Every room of my apartment features a healthy mix of everything!

  • Functional Decor

    I love finding unique pieces that can also serve a purpose and not just add clutter to my home. A gorgeous vintage piece that can also store, display, or organize something? yes please!

Catch me in the Post!

I went thrifting with a reporter from the Washington Post – check out my tips for finding the real treasures.

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